Thursday, April 5, 2007

USPS Shipping assistant 3.0 fails to work

I started using the USPS Shipping assistant 3.0 on April 1 2007. Was able to produce a lable

Then on the 2 I got the message "Label date must be within the next 7 days" OK so I tried the

03/04/07 - nope
04/04/07 - works

Soooo, it seems that the stupid STUPID thing confused the day and the month.

I dated my packages for the 2nd and 3 and 4 on the 04/04/07.

Probem is now it's the 5th and I can't pull that trick anymore.

I sent an email to ICC "I customer don't care" and they replied with an equally stupid solution.

Here is the complaint:

Shipping assistant refuses to take my ship date even though I set it for
the correct day.

It appears the month / day are mixed up

Here is their solution

Please accept my apologies for the problems you are having with our site. The feature you mention seems to be working okay now. You might try clearing cache/history on your browser and try the site again. Sometimes the cache will return an error message after the original Internet problem has been resolved.
Wow what insightfull resolution... Thanks for NOTHING!

My ecommerce store is

The problem was with the date on my computer. It was set to canadian format date dd/mm/yy and it must be set to mm/dd/yy to work correctly. This is completely brainless.
on Win XP this can be found in control panel > Regional and language option.

I'm working on integrating USPS web tools to my web site in order to get more efficient with making lables.

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