Tuesday, April 3, 2007

USPS Shipping assistant 3.0 BLAH

I was using click and ship from the USPS web site for a few years.

I discovered that one can add delivery confirmation to first class parcels for cheaper if using the shipping assistant.

I downloaded and install the shipping assistant 3.0.... What a bad bad BAD BAAAD Piece of software. Do the people who design this software actually use it?

I bet they never tried to import from an address book containg APO address. - Most don't work.

Also, I have to adjust the ship date to 4/4/2007 because apparently it thinks that 3/4/2007 is in march not april and so it won't allow to print a lable.

Oh, it's really really slow and won't work on win 98 which is a problem for older shippers still having machines a few years old.

Get it together Post office.... Are you trying to get like Microsoft and releasing crappy software.

I ship dozens of packages each day I'm not certain this shipping assistant will work for me.

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