Sunday, April 22, 2007

Belts take Iraq by storm!

Recent enforcement of belts in the miltary has made lots of people feel unhappy. Not many solutions are out but to comply... even in off duty time. One looses individuality in this drab world.

What is that? Oh my! a hot pink reflective belt? Can't be a pink belt or a light pink reflective belt!

Well it's true people. I now have 14 different colors of reflective belts including 3 different pink colors.

Now what's wrong to try to match your belt to your shoes?

The response: Overwhelming! Thousands of reflective belts have been shipped to happy troups in Iraq in a rainbow of colors.

Over here in Iraq, we aren't afforded much individuality. But with these brightly colored reflective belts, we can show a little color in an otherwise drab world. Thanks for your support.
another writes:
AWESOME!! And contagious here! :) The belts are everywhere

And so on:
Great service and thanks for everything you've done for us. =) It's the little things that keep us going over here

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